I thought about you today. I’m hoping you’re doing ok. I wish I was the girl who really made you happy. I wish I knew the way to make you happy. The girl you would love to be around with. The girl who would do anything to keep you smiling. The girl who will always care about you. The girl who wouldn’t hurt or lie to you. I haven’t heard about you in weeks really makes me miss you so much. Missing you more then ever before. I feel empty. Why did this had to happen with us? Why?


things that are rly cute:

  • forehead kisses
  • cheek kisses
  • actually just all kisses tbh
  • having ur head patted
  • holding hands
  • cuddles
  • hugs
  • u

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"Loving too much always kills you. It rips you apart and messes up your mind. It leaves you wide awake at 3 in the morning wishing you never had any feelings."

Unknown (to me)


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